About The Earl of Words

earl of words,
a nobleman of script and character,
the purveyor in stories untold,
commerce made in the expressionism
of confidence evolving with every tale
black heart, brown armor
dark mirrors reflecting all truths
living in imaginary circumstances
that are all so real.
if i am to be the ugly sweating pig of escapism
that the insecure salivates at its very sight of me
then I aspire to become one with the opposite,
when i am eaten alive
feasted on my verbatim’s flesh
the final act of nobility
permeated in my existence.

A black and brown, Washington DC area born and raised with Memphis Tennessean and Central American roots, Antonio Herron has always felt like an outsider looking in. That’s certainly how he’s felt living out in LA for the past nine years-trying to find his niche as an artist amongst the many while just trying to pay his bills and maintain his sanity (history has shown us that process is quite difficult). Regardless of the many setbacks and seemingly endless life lessons, he continues to pursue his dream of being an unapologetically passionate artist, curating words to cultivate a better life for himself-and the many outsiders in society who have yet to feel included in the conversation of life.

Enjoy your stay here. It is my pleasure and absolute honor that you ventured and took time to visit.