crossing for a dream

I could say their names

over and over again

but here’s a picture of two out of three dead

So you can never forget

Don’t tell me not to put it

Don’t tell me it dehumanizes

This is how I fucking cope

I don’t run from the traumatized

People like us get it

But most of the world doesn’t

Faces of the conscious are gonna see this shit

You’re gonna learn to not love it

As much as I don’t.

Sure take your time

But don’t be coming round for me

Rather remember them the way they deserved

As a family reaching for a dream.


pic credit @lazy.beam on Instagram


Throwback Thursday: @ the Bernie Sanders Rally in Pasadena

I went to the #BernieSanders rally in Pasadena about 2.5 weeks ago. To see a diverse group of people-old and young, all different culture and races-reassures me that we are all aren’t as divided as it appears. Sure, us on the left have different ideas on how to run a government and society, but at our base we want the same human rights: housing, healthcare, education, a living wage. The goal of comfortability as a people not corrupted or robbed by the wealthy and corporations. Where the workers and the people have an equal if not more say in the way the system works for us. Something we actually can say we the American people can believe in. For those of us further left than social democracy and have their qualms about him-I have mine too-your claims are valid. But realize something…unless you decide to start your version of the 2nd American Revolution tomorrow, this is the best you have when it comes to having your voice matter-and no this isn’t supporting “a lesser of two evils” scenario….deep down we know this is the only candidate at this point that would give the true left legitimate access to achieve our goals. This is the warm up. We would be fools to not take advantage. This campaign is the start of the change. The #DNC and the establishment knows this and they without hesitation will sabotage this like they did back in 2016. And if they manage not to….let’s make sure we finish the fight. And that goes beyond next November.

Here are some pics and video clips from that day:

i left my piss in Detroit

i left my piss in Detroit

and saw it go down the urinals filter holes

like a quiet fountain in a courtyard

filled with feces and the barely able

to afford



some miles up north


envisioned the urine crystals venturing down the pipes that the poor swede must’ve made,

that left the Blacks to maintain

with wartime not prioritizing life

and neglect rectifying death

semi golden stream

flowing with the wastes of the unclean,

traveling through aqueducts of a million y’all tales,

“This one came from a yuppie.”

“This one came from a wholesome family”

“This block was formed on convict labor”

“This one was right after sex and bourbon”.

the gate keeper is unimpressed

it goes and goes and goes

filters its impenetrable molecules

to bond with our glands.

and it’s there we realize

our skins are forever contaminated

and the judgments of those with dirtier circumstances

are corrupted by the pointed syringe.



There are some who ask me of what I do is worth it

That what use is my art if I make no dough from it

And I say that you’re right

This shit l do

I spend

way more time looking for work than actually working

I spend

Year after year in a town that I don’t know

I spend

time working jobs with people who love what they do while I work for someone elses dream

and yes I’m flaming with envy

but the bridge I’m building for myself I don’t want to burn while attempting to cross it

so I just keep going

Ask a nigga if he figures the trigger is the more preferable option without caution

Watch him rise to the top watch his top stop and falls so low you can’t even call him a flop

He’s more a sinker

Another forgotten being in the sunken place

I chase dreams of killing it on movie sets and worldwide stages

But the only thing I’m killing is my stomach because my paycheck dissolves faster than that extra saltine cracker I asked for with 99 cent chili from Wendy’s on my last dollar, hollering to the sky wondering why I bother with this dream when it seems I can’t get my shit together

These mood swings out here are renditions of changing weather

I feel so bright one day and wanna touch y’all with my sun

Then feel so cold that my heart breaks at even the slightest mishap

The universe must be giving God the latter feeling’s kickbacks.

Now about to the question.

Is it worth it.

Fuck do I know now.

But I know that I’m spent.


scroll with envy

i long for


where the known understand

that being seen is the



of therapy

it comes with detractors armed with onions

but if you can stand the sting

you know that all that worked for

was well worth

the suffering

with the sweet spot


true ones hidden

for your private mourning

as i sit here and

mope for you

while never receiving



Puerto Rico Episode IV: A New Hope

There isn’t a moment now in my life where I am not reminded of the air, the December sun cutting the humidity in two as you walk through it. Or the rapid fire vernacular that bounces through your eardrum, creating compositions that correlate with the blaring salsa or trap music-a sign of the generational preferences. Young and old, female, male, gender-trancesending, flora and fauna-I see all of it in everything I do now.  Continue reading “Puerto Rico Episode IV: A New Hope”

Alex Jones, Infowars, and those who don’t fit the “patriot” movement #SecondCivilWarLetters (VIDEO)

A good majority of the world dislikes Alex Jones and #Infowars. But there are those who have seen him unravel for a long time. An alternate two cents on the #SecondAmericanCivilWar, simplifying his obsession with #Trump, and seeing his words from a different perspective.

What do you think? Comment and let me know.

If you want to see more of my videos, click here.

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Remembering Bernie’s Apartment (MOVIE CLIP)


Check that baby face out!

Happy Throwback Thursday! Oh man! Has it been this long? Has it been over 11 years since I embarked on this crazy journey that is my acting career? Looking at this strange debacle, it appears that is so!

A little back story on these awkward scenes:

Bernie is a old white man who basically befriends and mentors Eli, a up-to-no-good underprivileged teen.

That’s it.


I booked the gig through ActorsCircle, a network based out of Washington, DC. At the time it was 2007, I was 18 and fresh out of high school. No acting classes that weren’t high school, so basically I was very green. And it shows. Hard.

We filmed this in about two days. The premise was to get enough interest to start a web series of some sort. However given the circumstances that YouTube was still in its infancy, and none of us had any concept on how to promote in the digital age, the project halted and we never began the series. Afterwards I continued to audition which included weekly trips to New York City to meet with casting directors. I booked another lead role in a feature film in DC that was to begin filming in the fall but the budget fell apart. I moved to Los Angeles about eight months after filming, and here we are.

At the time I was very proud of this. I thought: man! I’m a real working actor! I’m well on my way to embarking on a career. I’m taking off exactly like I said, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Ya know, typical fresh-out-of-high-school-graduate mentality. Looking back, I clearly could’ve handled this way better with all the experience I have now. But with age comes wisdom, and the fact I took on this project biting off more than I could chew was a testament to my commitment in establishing a hard work ethic. It’s something I’ve carried with each project since then-if there’s one thing you can grab from this, it’s that. Passion.

Here you go. Have fun!

Maybe I can use this for my demo reel. LOL.

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