sleep, eat, kill, die, pray

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crossing for a dream

I could say their names

over and over again

but here’s a picture of two out of three dead

So you can never forget

Don’t tell me not to put it

Don’t tell me it dehumanizes

This is how I fucking cope

I don’t run from the traumatized

People like us get it

But most of the world doesn’t

Faces of the conscious are gonna see this shit

You’re gonna learn to not love it

As much as I don’t.

Sure take your time

But don’t be coming round for me

Rather remember them the way they deserved

As a family reaching for a dream.


pic credit @lazy.beam on Instagram

Puerto Rico Episode IV: A New Hope

There isn’t a moment now in my life where I am not reminded of the air, the December sun cutting the humidity in two as you walk through it. Or the rapid fire vernacular that bounces through your eardrum, creating compositions that correlate with the blaring salsa or trap music-a sign of the generational preferences. Young and old, female, male, gender-trancesending, flora and fauna-I see all of it in everything I do now.  Continue reading “Puerto Rico Episode IV: A New Hope”

v: mixed/understood pt. 3: the summer with grandma

When I was five, I found out I was black.

When I was six, I found out that black sometimes takes a back seat to life.

When I was seven, I found out those roots run deep.


The summer of 1996 ended my grade jumping saga. I had also moved across town to Arlington to continue my 2nd grade at a new school with new people and new challenges. That will be addressed in the next blog. Continue reading “v: mixed/understood pt. 3: the summer with grandma”