“I Have A Cousin Named Jakeline” a poetry reading

In light of the horrific death of seven year old Jakelin Caal Maquin, I explore the humanity struggling to remain within the remembrance of her life reflecting on a family member with the same name, descending from similar circumstances.

Poem written over three days.


Paint The Town

In lieu of Brazil’s election of Jair Bolsonaro, it brought to my attention the rise of fascism in the 21st Century-an ideology thought to have ceased to exist in a perceptively progressive world. Then, I sat in the shower (of all places) and realized that it isn’t an outside force but just the Swiss Army knife capitalism uses to clean out all the leftover resistance born out of neo-liberalism (and the true, grassroots resistance, too). This inspired the poem.

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Alex Jones, Infowars, and those who don’t fit the “patriot” movement #SecondCivilWarLetters (VIDEO)

A good majority of the world dislikes Alex Jones and #Infowars. But there are those who have seen him unravel for a long time. An alternate two cents on the #SecondAmericanCivilWar, simplifying his obsession with #Trump, and seeing his words from a different perspective.

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4th of Ju-ly-to-me

It’s about that time again to revisit my psychotic laden tirade about the most patriotic day of the year. I filmed this last year and let it roll off the tongue. Trying to state your point intelligently sometimes has to give way to letting loose. Have a taste of my insanity.

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Spoken Word: The Beginning

Last night at my serving job, I was assigned a walk in of five people.

Working at Hollywood’s most popular hotel leaves you accessible to what’s happening around Tinseltown-creating engaging environments with a high end clientele that while it would not impress everyone, would make the most aspiring artists (such as me) needing to put on a good impression.

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the bonsai tree

In light of today’s inauguration, sitting in bed on this rainy Southern California morning. Imagining what the atmosphere of my hometown feels like as the world turns upside down. There’s nothing nobody can’t do from here on out. Nothing is impossible. Ask if you have any questions about this one. I have this and seventy four more poems on my Instagram @earlsverbatimarchive. Check them out.
Much love and light and to all who fight, praise, and just try to get to work and go home, be safe.