“I Have A Cousin Named Jakeline” a poetry reading

In light of the horrific death of seven year old Jakelin Caal Maquin, I explore the humanity struggling to remain within the remembrance of her life reflecting on a family member with the same name, descending from similar circumstances.

Poem written over three days.


Alex Jones, Infowars, and those who don’t fit the “patriot” movement #SecondCivilWarLetters (VIDEO)

A good majority of the world dislikes Alex Jones and #Infowars. But there are those who have seen him unravel for a long time. An alternate two cents on the #SecondAmericanCivilWar, simplifying his obsession with #Trump, and seeing his words from a different perspective.

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4th of Ju-ly-to-me

It’s about that time again to revisit my psychotic laden tirade about the most patriotic day of the year. I filmed this last year and let it roll off the tongue. Trying to state your point intelligently sometimes has to give way to letting loose. Have a taste of my insanity.

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